World Scholar’s Cup

One team, one success,
truly Achieving Together.

World Scholars Cup

We are really excited that the students at The Phoenix Private School have participated in the local (Doha) round of the World Scholar’s Cup again! In teams of three, students can compete in oral debate, persuasive writing or in a “quiz bowl” style multiple choice contest. There is also an individual multiple choice exam. Questions are drawn from such fields as science, literature, geography, history, current affairs and art. The World Scholar’s Cup is an annual competition which attracts students from over 40 countries. Though it is technically a competition, it is also focused on bringing students from around the world together to discuss current and future issues facing the world. Students are tested on their knowledge, speaking, and writing skills, and this takes place over the course of two days.

This year is the second time PPS students have taken part in the prestigious competition. This summer Team Phoenix will be travelling to take part in the global finals in Athens with their coach and chaperones. They have already started the hard work to fundraise the money needed to take them there. We hope that you will support them in their quest for greatness!


Team Debate

Scholar’s Bowl

Collaborative Writing

Scholar’s Challenge

Each team debates three times, on motions across all the subjects, from policy to poetry. Each member of the team must speak for four minutes and after each round winning teams face other winners—and non-winners other non-winners.

Every Team competes against one another in the theatre. Teams work together to solve analytical questions and multimedia challenges.

The challenge sees each team member debating with the power of their pen. Teams are given six statements, each from a different subject area, and are asked to choose one to argue for or against. Each team member must compose the most persuasive essay possible.

Each team member must test their knowledge in a multiple choice quiz.

The PPS tries to instill a global vision in its students, and international academic events such as the World Scholar’s Cup and the contact with students from other countries and cultures are important for developing this vision.

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