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Welcome to Phoenix TV

Television is often the first cultural experience for many young people. At a very early age, they learn to understand the changes in size and angles, and flickering images on the screen. By the time they are four, most children have learned the symbols and rules of the moving image and how stories are told in this medium – although they still will not know what is real and what is pretend. At the PPS we hope to capitalise on this knowledge, develop this interest into something useful that will inspire our children.

TV tends to be seen as a detraction from ‘real’ education – but Phoenix TV will not only be educational for viewers but will enhance and inspire those pupils that are involved in its making. You can tune in to our very own TV show, presented, produced and led by our own PPS pupils. The children will have their very own News Studio where they news presenters will read the news, about changes in the school and other interesting local items. There will also be interviews with staff and students, weather reports, short documentaries and many other interesting programmes.


At PPS we believe in active learning and film is proven to enhance learning both by stretching those who are gifted as well as reaching those who are most difficult to reach. Being part of the Phoenix TV means not only learning basic technical skills such as lighting a set or framing a shot, but also has been proven to enhance transferable skills that are vital for the future of our children. For our higher achievers, Phoenix TV will allow them to work on their presentations skills, confidence, and work as an important creative outlet where their own dreams and aspirations can become real. Furthermore, key skills in producing TV shows include problem-solving, focus and patience – which are beneficial for all children.

Our presenters will be rotated so that all our students can benefit from the skills gained in creating Phoenix TV. Apart from a fixed-format news programme, Phoenix TV will also involve filming our excellent teaching so you as a viewer can step into the shoes of our pupils in the classroom, and many other features that we are sure will interest parents and pupils.

Phoenix TV is headed by a team of staff members who will supervise the production, edit, light, and recording of the different features that will be uploaded regularly to the website.

Phoenix TV will inspire our children, work as a bridge between the home and the school and a window into the day to day running of the Phoenix Private School.

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