Cross-Curricular Trips & Events


Cross Curricular Trips and Visits

At The Phoenix Private School we value the rich knowledge and experience every child will gain from cross-curricular trips and visits. We aim to organise regular trips which are linked to subjects and topics to further enhance our students’ knowledge and progression. 


Confident Individuals

School trips can change attitudes and raise aspirations, through participation in new activities. Rising to new challenges and living alongside their peers helps our students become more adaptable and confident which is critical to so many areas of their development.


Successful Learners

School trips have the potential to lay strong foundations for encouraging successful learning and building positive attitudes which subsequently lead to improvements in achievement and motivation in all areas – including academic. Children also enjoy themselves so much they often don’t even realise they are learning which can help produce the greatest achievements.

Improved personal and emotional well-being

Young people become more resilient and optimistic, and their emotional health and self-esteem improve. 93% of teachers agree that co-curricular trips can influence their pupils’ personal development, in particular their confidence and self-esteem.

Improved social well-being

The quality of young people’s relationships improves, in particular with their friends, family and teachers. 93% of teachers observe better relationships between pupils on return to school in the UK.

Improved connection with the natural environment

Young people’s knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the natural environment improve. 72% of teachers observe improved awareness of the natural environment in their pupils on return to school in the UK.


Improved enthusiasm and confidence in learning

Their attitude towards learning improves, and they become more confident, capable learners in the classroom. 60% of teachers observe an improvement in their pupils’ performance in the classroom on return to school, (Source:


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