We are delighted to announce that we have a new uniform supplier, Saracens, for the academic year 2017/ 2018. Please visit www.saracenwear.com to order. Our school code is PX0710.

Orders will be delivered to school approximately 2 weeks after order. We will arrange for Saracens to visit the school twice a month from the beginning of October for measuring services.

Please dont forget that our old school uniform can still be worn for the rest of the academic year.


Students wear school uniform at all times whilst attending school and also during extracurricular activities off site. All uniform and associated items must be clearly labelled with the student’s full name. All items of uniform that carry the school logo will be purchased from our recommended supplier, Saracens.

The school will not be held responsible for the loss of uniform or other clothing.

School Dress and Appearance

We expect all our students to come to school neatly groomed and smartly dressed in the correct and appropriate clothing.

If the Principal determines that a student’s dress violates the dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school by changing clothes, or putting on another article of clothing (such as a jacket or sweater) to cover up or hide a dress code violation for that day. If students have no other clothing, a school polo shirt or sweatshirt will be provided for that day only. If the students is still not dressed correctly the next day, he or she will be sent home and not allowed to return until the situation is rectified.



Conventional black polished leather shoes, no heels or sandals, should be worn. Boots are not to be worn i.e. no footwear should be above the ankle. Shoes should be kept polished. Trainers are to be worn only for PE. Students with foot injuries must provide a certified Doctor’s note in order to attend school in alternative footwear; facilities will be made available in these circumstances for students to spend breaks inside school to protect their injury. Ankle socks should be worn as such and not tucked into the back of the shoe.



All students should have conventional hairstyles. Long hair must be neat and tidy, tied back and kept off the face. For Health and Safety reasons the excessive use of wax or gel is not allowed. Hair should not be braided or beaded (only exception is if this is part of your standard practice and a necessity). Boy’s hair should be no shorter than a 3 cut. Any artificial change in hair colour should have a natural appearance. Students coming to school with extreme styles or colours such as red, purple or bleached, will be sent home and required to restore their hair to an acceptable colour.

Hair Ornaments

Hair ornaments should be functional, kept to a minimum and in a neutral colour or one in keeping with the uniform.

Head scarves (Hijab) or other religious head coverings should be in neutral colours / in keeping with the school uniform (Black, Navy blue or White).


Jewellery & Cosmetics

Students are permitted to wear stud earrings and a wristwatch. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not permitted. Parents must ensure that any wristwatches worn in school are not extremely valuable, as the school will not be responsible for damage or loss.

Students are not allowed to wear makeup in school under any circumstance, if a student is seen to have makeup they will be asked to remove it. If the student repeatedly wears makeup then they will be sent home and the parents will have to attend a meeting with the Leadership team to ensure this will not continue.

All watches must be removed for P.E. and certain other activities as instructed by the teacher.

Please refer to the school handbook for detailed information regarding school uniform.

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