School Handbook


Handbook for Our School

Dear Parents / Carers

It is a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of all Staff, Governors, Parents and children to our school. As well as reading through this handbook we hope you have taken the opportunity to visit us. This booklet is designed to give you some basic information about the School, its aims, policies, curriculum and organisation.

The Phoenix Private School was formed in 2012 following a need to have a School which provided learning for all. Our ethos of respect and care for one another is very strong and underpins all we do. As a result, our children are friendly, well behaved and enthusiastic to learn.

We serve a very diverse multicultural community. We aim to recognise every child's individuality and give them the support, encouragement and challenge they need to fulfil their potential. As well as delivering a strong academic education, extra-curricular activities such as football, gardening and arts and crafts give children the opportunity to develop new interests and develop their social skills.


We are committed to raising standards and the cultivation of positive achievements and our talented staff have a shared commitment to achieving the best for the children. We continually strive to create a supportive School that both looks and feels welcoming. Our continual drive is to provide a high quality education for our children. We believe that this is achieved through a close and trusting relationship between home and School, working together at all times to promote the vision, aims and ethos of the School.

The staff and Governors recognise the essential involvement of the local community and extend a sincere welcome to all interested parties to participate and gain a greater understanding of our School's development. We hope you find the contents of this handbook helpful and informative.

Mr. Peter Bird
Sheikh Falih Al Thani
Chair of Governors
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