Health Care


Medical & First Aid

School Medical Service

The school regularly organises doctor, nurse and dentist visits to school. If your child has not had a pre-school medical he/she will see the school nurse in their second term. Regular checks are made on children's sight, hearing and teeth. You will be informed beforehand and invited to attend if necessary.


If your child requires medication prescribed by his/her doctor we can administer this at the required times throughout the school day, simply bring the medicine to the school office and complete a prescribed medicine form. Please note we CANNOT administer unprescribed medicines or sun creams.


If your child has an inhaler in school please ensure it is updated on a regular basis and that at the end of each half term you collect the apparatus to take home to be cleaned and checked.


First Aid

As a school we aim to provide an extensive First Aid Service for students and staff. Ensuring that the school has sufficient provisions in the First aid room and all students injuries are dealt with as a matter of priority in line with the school Sick Child Policy. We will create and maintain student and staff Medical lists. All allergy information is readily available to all staff so that they are aware of the medical conditions for the students in their classroom.

For further information please see the school nurse or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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