The Academic Support Programme


What is the ASP programme?

The Academic Support Programme is an intervention programme which is designed for students who require Academic support in and out of the classroom. These needs could be due to a variety of reasons but the programme is particularly focused on English as an Academic language (EAL) students who are not yet ready to access the British Curriculum due to language barriers, and who therefore need support in accessing that curriculum.

What the ASP programme offers

 The ASP guarantees support in the classroom for two Maths and two English (Literacy) lessons by a Learning Support Assistant (LSA). These tutors provide the students with targeted lesson objectives, narrowing down the mainstream lesson objective to manageable aims within the lesson. This allows the students to have a continuous assistance during these lessons, helping them not only with the lesson objectives in question but also general study skills and techniques, for example note-taking and visualisation. The ultimate goal is to create independent learners. 

The Academic Support Programme further includes EAL sessions, which involve targeted learning outside of the classroom with an ASP teacher qualified in TEFL, CELTA or other equivalent English Language Teaching programmes. These sessions will focus on the students’ individual needs, for example in spelling or grammar.

During the course of the ASP, the student will be given Individual Learning Programmes (ILPs), to be revised twice termly, which will allow the Classroom Teacher, ASP Teacher and the Learning Support Assistants (LSA) to work together with the student and the parents in following up the student’s learning with a continuous review of their progress, enabling the student to move on in their learning, with achievable short term targets and a clear step by step guide for the student and teacher to follow. This is a detailed progress report, far beyond the capabilities of a Classroom Teacher in a mainstream classroom. Lastly, these EAL sessions will be offered after school-hours, during after school club time. However, there will also be opportunities to utilise non-core sessions, such as Topic or Modern Foreign Language (French), for extra targeted English lessons with the ASP Teacher. 

The ASP is a targeted intervention programme with measurable goals, and successful students will be recommended to come off the programme and join a fully mainstream education. There are termly reviews which will be shared with the student and the parent and all decisions will be made in cooperation with all parties.

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