Parent Teacher Association


The P.T.A. committee leads a team of committed, supportive and hardworking parents who help to support our School. They:

  • help to enrich student education and experience
  • support Teachers and staff
  • enhance parent involvement and communication
  • promote school spirit and community initiatives
  • Fundraise


How is the fundraising done?

The PTA organises events throughout the year which, for the last three years, have raised in excess of QR25,000 annually (all accounts are kept by the PTA Treasurer). We organise a school fair each year, as well as a variety of other events such as a School Show, International Day, Mothers’ Day Shop, Book Drive to name a few. All of these events raise considerable funds as well as bringing the school, families and local community together.

What is the money spent on?

Over the last year, the money raised by events held has helped to contribute to many parts of the school from purchasing decorations and furniture to small resources.   The money has also subsidised some of the school trips and each year group have given the PTA a “wish list” of items that will benefit the children as well as practical items needed such as storage boxes, stationery etc.

How can I help?

All help in whatever capacity is always gratefully received, as are new fundraising ideas and suggestions. Even if you only have 5 minutes to help us we would love to have your support. From helping to paint some new murals in the EYFS playground to bagging up sweets for the Fair your role could be varied and make a real difference to our school.

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